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Computer Tech Support

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Best computer tech support for laptops, desktop, printer and other software.

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How our Tech Support services can help you?

We offer world class tech support services to help you with any computer problem you may have. Our Tech services are unique because we support all devices under one roof. you do not have to subscribe to different tech support services for different devices. All you have to do is have our phone number and call us.

Whether it is your laptop, desktop, printer, or smartphone our tech support services will always be there to help you with it. By all we mean all.

Call our tech support number now and our squad of Geeks will help you the best. 

Computer Tech Support 1

Diagnose and Repair

Our expert tech support experts will connect with your computer remotely and diagnose your computer. Tech support experts will help you find the root cause of problem and fix it.

Computer Tech Support 2

Setup and install

Our Computer support experts will help you setup your purchased software hardware and peripherals correctly. Our 24/7 available Techies can provide remote tech support.

Computer Tech Support 3

Virus and Malware removal

No virus infection can scare us, our team of tech experts can help you get rid of virus infections in minutes. Techs will also configure your antivirus to secure your computer in future.

Computer Tech Support 4

Pc Speedup and Optimization

Our Computer Tech support experts are well equipped with tools to help your speedup your computer. Tech experts will connect with your computer using remote support technology and help you speed up your computer.

Our Remote Technical Support can help you with:

Our computer repair experts can help you solve almost any computer problem, via secure remote computer connection. Moreover we fully support Microsoft products like office and outlook.


  • Expert PC Tech Support
  • Upgrading to Windows 10
  • Windows Updates
  • Blue Screens & Errors
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Startup & Boot Problems
  • Wifi Setup / Support
  • Network Setup / Support
  • Reinstalling Windows
  • Printer Setup / Support
  • Malware & Spyware Removal
  • Antivirus Setup
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Firewall & Security Setup
  • Burning DVD’s and CD’s
  • Internet Connections & Setup
  • Problems with Drivers
  • Email Setup & Problems
  • And Much more

Our services are best suited for home computer users and small business users.

Our Services include

Our tech support services are best in class to help you resolve any problem with your computer, here is what our computer tech support services come with.

24/7 Access to our squad of geek

Our Services are available 24/7. You do not have to wait for business hours to get tech support, all you have to do is call our tech support number and we will help you.

Remote Tech Support

You don’t have to carry our computer to repair shop to get it repaired, we can help you repair computer over the internet.

Computer Tech Support Anywhere

Computer tech Support anywhere means that you can get access to our team of tech experts from virtually anywhere. Wether you are traveling or home all you need is a working internet connection to connect with us.

Highest Customer satisfaction rate

We believe in delivering best customer service to our clients. Thats why we are proud to say that we are amongst the best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Brand independent Tech support

Our tech support services are brand independent. We support all computer and peripheral brands. So now you don’t have to remember number of device manufacturer, one phone number does it all.

Managed Antivirus

Managed antivirus is the one that is managed on real time by techs. We offer managed antivirus to provide you with extra layer of protection, and our tech support experts can help you prevent infections proactively.

Wingsoft has been most beloved support company since 2014

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We are independent third party provider of tech support services, we are not related to any third party brand, HP, Dell, Geek Squad. Our Services are available all across united States. For Support on Microsoft products you should meet the minimum requirements Microsoft.


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I surely have to say, Wingsoft Technicians are great. They are highly cooperative and friendly. They helped me fix computer problems in jiffy.

Richard Wilson Sr

My computer got virus and I was getting all sort of nasty pictures. I found Wingsoft Tech geek online and they removed all viruses, my computer is running great since then. 

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