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Safe mode is basic startup mode of your computer. In safe mode your computer starts with few required files and settings and limited drivers which are really need to start computer.

Basically Safe modes are two types:

  1. Safe mode
  2. Safe mode with networking

Safe mode and safe mode with networking both are same but in safe mode with networking, system starts with network driver and settings. In this mode you can use internet in safe mode and you can access all other device’s and computer at same network.

Please follow the following steps for start your computer in safe mode.

  1. Click windows key and hold it
  2. Now while you holding windows key, press letter “R” from other hand at same time.
  3. Now you can see a little window is open which name is “RUN” window.
  4. Now in “RUN” box type “msconfig” and hit enter.
  5. Select “BOOT” tab
  6. Now check the option safe boot.
  7. Now restart your computer.