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Here is How to Fix McAfee Activation Error

McAfee is a world-class security solution that provides
complete protection from virus and other threats as well as internet security
to your computer and other devices. It protects your digital world from threats
like spyware, phishing scams, viruses, and Ransomware.

In order to protect your devices from these threats all, you
have to do is to download and install McAfee. Steps on how to do this may vary
on the method you used to buy McAfee. It can be bought online or offline in

When you buy McAfee online, you will have a product key sent
to your registered Email ID. If you happen to buy it from a retail store, you
will see the product key listed on the back of the retail card. Take note that
you need to keep the product key details safe for it will be required to
activate the product after installation.

Installation and activation can be a piece of cake. You just
follow the instructions and voila! You’re now secured. But sometimes, users
still encounter errors during activation, and it is okay. You can fix it
without the help of experts, and the solutions are available online at

You can fix common McAfee Activation Errors by following the
steps below. First, identify what error is showing and then try the following

Error Says “No option available
to redeem your retail card at the website you went to”.

Check if you have entered a wrong URL to redeem the retail card. Once you enter
the correct one, it will be redeemed at once.

Error: Says “Product key is not
responding to country and language that you have selected”.

When you encounter this error, you just have to click on the language option on
the website. It will then give you the other available options. Now, you can select
the correct country and language that matches your retail card.

Error: Says “Invalid product key”.

This error is one of the most commonly encountered errors of users.  It can be easily fixed by entering the
correct product key. Simple! You can cross-check it and try to activate the
subscription again.

Error: Says “Key already in use”.

This common error is encountered when you install an active product in another
device or computer. The solution to this should be for you to purchase a McAfee
subscription that is multi-user. By doing so, you will be able to install and
use it in your other devices.

Error: Says “Sorry, but it looks
like the store you got the card from forgot to activate your card. Ask the
store to activate it, and then try again”.

This error happens when your retailer fails to activate your product key. The
solution is to go back to the store and request your retailer to activate it
for you.

Error: Says “Issue in activating
McAfee using CD”.

When you encounter this error you must follow these steps:

  1. First, Put the CD on your drive. The
    installation will automatically follow afterward.
  2. Second, you follow the installation instructions
    for your McAfee product.
  3. Third, you right-click on the McAfee icon. Click
    on “Activate now” after.
  4. Lastly, enter the product key. After entering
    the key, McAfee will be activated.

These are the most common issues users
face when activating their McAfee products. When you encounter a different
error, you can check McAfee’s website at https://www.mcafee.com. You can also
give McAfee support calls if you still face activation problems, they will be
more than happy to assist you to fix the McAfee Activation Error.