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How to Fix Windows Update Error

Windows Update Error

Having updates from time to time is one way for your operating system to be somewhat “keep in shape”. It is imperative that your computer has regular updates so as to get the latest fixes and support. By doing so shall improve performance and productivity. 

But before making any troubleshooting steps, first, you have to make sure that there really is a problem with your Windows Update. When the Windows Update takes too long, or get stuck, or simply refuses to download then it’s definitely broken. But if it’s stuck somewhere in the middle, just give it an hour or two. This is common if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi while updating. You ought to try the quick fixes below.  

1. Maximize your Windows Update Troubleshooter 

First and foremost, check the most common troubleshooter available to you to fix Windows Update Error. Maximize your Windows Update Troubleshooter. This is built-in and easy to use. This will try to identify and resolve potential problems from Windows Update. It doesn’t guarantee a solution, but hey it still worth a try.  

Windows Update Error

To use this, press the windows key and type in “troubleshooter”. It will show “Find and Fix Problems” and then select it. It will find and list potential problems and fix them. Detailed information will also be shown afterward. Once completed, close the troubleshooter and reboot your computer. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, try the other fix listed below. 

2. Clear your Updates Download Folder 

If you’ve been trying to update and you still keep encountering an error, you can try to clear your updates download folder. It may happen that the file itself got corrupted from the download. Once you clear the folder, Windows will be forced to download a new one, hence resolving any possible problems. 

Windows Update Error

To do this, press Windows key + R. Then type in “C:WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload”. Click on OK to open the folder. When you’re in the folder, press CTRL key + A to select all. Press Shift key + Delete to remove the files and not the folder. If some files cannot be deleted, try the same process but do it in safe mode.  

3. Disable Your Anti-virus during Update 

There are reported cases of failed updates due to interference from your anti-virus. So to avoid possible problems and to fix Windows Update Error, temporarily disable your anti-virus software. To do so, search Settings or Options. Anti-virus software has different disabling method, so just follow the instructions. You may also see it on your system tray, then you can right-click and disable then and there.  Disabling your anti-virus may not fix Windows Update error at once but can still solve other update issues.  

Windows Update Error

4. Try Disconnecting Drives and Disabling VPNs & More 

If the previous tips still didn’t fix Windows Update Error, there are still two options you can look into. Disable VPNs and disconnect your drives while you’re at it. To do so, system search for your device manager. Disconnect your media drives like the SD card reader and DVD drive. Click right-click the chosen drive then click “disable”. 

Windows Update Error

Still no luck? Fret not, there’s still one more you can try, the Windows Update utility. 

5. Try the Media Creation Tool 

If the Windows Update still isn’t cooperating you can bypass this step by using the Media Creation Tool. An installation file of Windows 10 could have used as the operating system from the start. Making use of this media creation tool will force the upgrade in your computer via a different method. But don’t worry, this will not affect your settings. 

Before doing this method, first, make sure that you have your files backed up or have a system image stored. Although the media creation method will keep your settings, it is the riskiest from all the tips, and somewhat no worth it. 

Windows 10 is the last and latest version of the operating system, meaning it still is constantly updating and evolving. This also requires users to update without the choice to opt-out, if they are using the Home Edition. With this mandatory update, things are most likely to go wrong. If the issue does persist after trying everything, it is still best to contact support for proper handling of the matter.