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Easy to follow turorial to help you remove Popups and Malware from your Windows Pc

How to Get Rid of Pop-ups and Malwares 1

Your browsing experience will be at its fullest once pop-ups and unwanted advertisements are nonexistent. These are common in website visits since adware or other unwanted software creeps in your web browser. You can counter this by utilizing AdBlock Plus or other blocking software. To get rid of these, you should start with checking your computer for unwanted adware and programs you just clicked once while browsing a website to get rid of. 

In this article, we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to block these unwanted pop-ups and auto-playing advertisements as well as other adware and unwanted programs from your computer. With this, you can look into downloading anti-malware software like MalwareBytes as well as adblockers like AdwCleaner to help clean unwanted program and software. 

How to Clean Pop-ups 

Tools listed in this article are free for everyone to download and use. These will potentially help users to clear out unwanted programs and pop-ups from their computers. Below is the step by step guide on how to use this AdwCleaner feature. 

  1. First, launch, AdwCleaner. This will remove unwanted software from your computer. 
  1. Second, launch the JunkWare Removal Tool. This will remove remnants of adware taken off. 
  1. Lastly, launch the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. This will remove possible unwanted programs. 
How to Get Rid of Pop-ups and Malwares 2

Now that the pop-ups are taken care of, you can now scan for malware to get rid of it too. To do so, the first scan for malware on the computer. 

Scan for Malware 

1. To do this, just search for an antivirus program online like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware through google search. By downloading and installing this, pop-ups won’t be showing up in any browser you visit. These pop-ups usually come from software you have downloaded not on purpose that is now damaging your system. 

2. Start a full scan on your system. Do this while you’re on safe mode so no process or program will b affected. When you do this and don’t find anything, you can try Avast or other options. 

Uninstall Strange Software 

How to Get Rid of Pop-ups and Malwares 3

Odd software can be gotten by unwanted click baits while browsing, it automatically installs in your computer by just a few clicks and approval. These in turn also produces unwanted pop-ups and may cause malware in the system. You can easily get rid of this strange software by following these steps. 

1. Firstly, visit the Windows Control Panel. (Settings then System then Apps or Programs in Windows 10). Afterward, select Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features, now you can select the odd software in your computer.  

2. Choose odd programs to remove from your computer.Now that you’re in, it’s time to check programs and applications that aren’t supposed to be there. It can be a strange sounding game or something that you got as a package deal for the software you really wanted. Once you uninstall these, you will see a difference in your web browsing experience. 

How to Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome 

As a server, Google offers a pretty swell job in keeping pop-up windows blocked in chrome. Pop-ups in your browser distract your browsing experience thus indicating a problem. But fret not, it is easy to make these distractions and unwanted advertisements go away. Simply follow the following steps to set-up your adblocker in Chrome. 

How to Get Rid of Pop-ups and Malwares 4

Below are 5 ways to stop pop-ups on your Chrome browser. By following these, you will also be scanning malwares as well as make an exception list for the different programs and applications that you would want to keep running. Before starting these steps, make sure that your version of Chrome is up to date. After checking everything, you may now proceed on blocking these annoying pop-ups and get rid of them once and for all. 

1.Go to Settings from your Chrome menu and select it. 

2.Then type in “Popups” in the tab. 

3.Click “Content Settings” button after. 

4.Then click on the Pop-ups button. 

5. Lastly, go to the Pop-ups option. When you get into it, you may now be able to block or delete  exceptions from Google Chrome.