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Why is my HP laptop with Windows 10 running Slow


We all use Hp Laptops as they are quite well designed and durable. while using Hp laptop we come across a very common issue and we ask ourself a question, “why is my hp laptop running slow with windows 10”

Why is my HP laptop running slow with Windows 10?

Hp Laptop unlike any other brand laptop slow down after a while, this is not because they are not powerful however at this moment we have to perform maintenance tasks to speed it up.

Here is how you can speedup your slow running HP Laptop:

  • Clean Junk files
  • Remove unwanted apps
  • Scan for viruses and malware
  • Disable apps automatically running in background

Clean Junk files

Junk files get accumulated in computer after using it for a while. we have to get rid of junk files to make space on our hard drive and speedup laptop.

Follow these steps to clean junk files

  • Press Windows key and letter R on keyboard
  • Type %temp% in run box and press enter
  • Now you will see a list of junk files, press CTRL and A and select all and delete them.

Remove Unwanted Apps

When we use internet, we download several programs on our computer, many of them are program we do not require, hence we should remove them from our computer.

Follow these steps to remove unwanted apps from your Hp Laptop

  • Press Windows key and letter R
  • In Run box type appwiz.cpl
  • This will open list of programs in your computer
  • Double click on apps you don’t use to remove them

Scan for Virus and Malware and remove them

Virus and Malware often plays a major role in slowing down your computer. Virus and malware gets in our computer from internet, flash drives. We should always use good antivirus software to protect from viruses and malware.

To remove Virus and Malware you can scan your computer with Windows Defender available as built in virus protection in windows 10

Here is how to scan computer with windows Defender.

  • In cortana search type Windows Defender
  • Click on windows Defender
  • Now click on Scan
Windows defender will scan your computer and remove Virus and Malware from your Hp Laptop.

Disable apps automatically running in background

When we install programs in our Hp Laptop, program often attach them as services in computer and run automatically in background of your laptop. We can always configure and chose what program should run in background of your HP Laptop.

Here is how you can configure background apps in your HP Laptop

  • Press Windows key and letter R together
  • In the run box type msconfig and press enter
  • Once system configuration window is open click on services tab
  • Check the box that says hide all Microsoft services
  • Now uncheck programs you do not want to run in background all the time. TIP- Uncheck update services of chrome, firefox, adobe, when you will access these apps they will do the update automatically however not connect to update server always.
  • Now click on apply and ok to close the window.
Restart your HP laptop and it should be running faster now.


Please note: Above mentioned steps are common to all computers and are not specific to HP Laptop, you can use them on any brand computer with Windows 10 running in it.