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10 Common Problems with Printer 1

For those who work on computers, the printer is very useful and very important. What if your printer is not working and you have to take a very important print? It would be very hassle-filled. It is seen that this happens so often when we are in need of a printer or our printers are either not running or creates some problems with the printout. Those who use regular printers face a lot of common printer problem. Today we are discussing the same common problem.

I hope this article will help you to understand and solve common problems of printers and regular problems of the printer.

  •  My printer not printing
  •  I can’t print with my mobile
  •  My Printer Showing Empty Cartridges Message.
  •  Wi-Fi printer not working
  •  Wi-Fi printing is too slow
  •  Paper stuck in the printer
  •  Print out stuck in the printer queue
  •  Printer Always Print One Blank Sheet
  •  The scan is not working with my printer
  •  Printout take a too long time

The above are 10 common printer problems that the printer users face daily.

“How Can I Fix My Printer Problem” This matter always comes to the mind of every printer user and today I assure you that after reading this article, you will be able to easily resolve your printer’s regular common problems.

My printer not printing

When we have to print out the necessary print out of the printer and your printer interacts with printouts, it is a matter of great tension for the users.

True, it has happened to me many times that I want to print out some of my most important documents and my printer is giving some issues in the painting, then for that, we follow some basic steps that are given below.

If your printer is not showing any printing error than you should first check the printer connection. Your printer must be connected with USB cable or setup with Wi-Fi connection. If printer connection is fine then check printer driver, is your printer driver up to date, if not then update your printer driver.

If the printer is still not working then check your printer manual and try to troubleshoot.

I can’t print with my mobile

I have a Wi-Fi printer and I want to connect it to my phone and print out but I am unable to do so. Means My Wi-Fi printer is not accepting the print out of through my mobile.

10 Common Problems with Printer 2

If I want to give a printout on my printer from my mobile, then, first of all, my printer should support Wi-Fi connection. My phone that can be a Windows phone or an IOS phone, both the printer and the printer should be on the same network.

How to print from an Android mobile phone with Cloud Print:

1.    Open the file you would like to print.

2.    Select the Menu button.

3.    Click on Print option.

4.    Now select the ‘down’ arrow.

5.    Select the printer you want a print from. If you can’t find it off the bat, select all printers to bring up a list of options

6.    Now you are all set, click the Print button.

Printer Showing Empty Cartridges Message

Most of the time my printer showing empty cartridges message while I’m getting print out easily. First, you should check if your printout is going to the right printer or not? If your printout is going to the correct printer and it is being printed out and your printer is still showing the empty cartridge error message then check your printer cartridge. Is the printer cartridge genuine? It has been seen so often that when we use wrong or fake ink cartridges, we get such an error message because our printer does not support the fake or pirated cartridges. To avoid such error messages, we should always use the genuine cartridge.

10 Common Problems with Printer 3

Wi-Fi printer not working

This is also the most common printer problem. For this issue, first of all, checks that your printer is supporting Wi-Fi printing or not. If your printer not supporting Wi-Fi printing than please use the printer USB cable for printing. If your printer supports Wi-Fi printing and yet you are not able to get printouts than first of all to check your printer connectivity. Is a Wi-Fi printer and your computer or Laptop connected each other or not? After this check your printer driver (check from driver management). Your computer or laptop should have the latest Wi-Fi printer driver installed which supports your printer. For this, you open your computer’s device manager and right-click the printer option. Now click on the update driver and then click the installed driver online. If your printer still is not running, then go to the printer option of your computer and remove that printer and install it again with Wi-Fi mode. After all these steps, your wireless printer will start working over.

Wi-Fi printing is too slow

This is also a very common printer problem. It is seen that when we take a print from the Wi-Fi printer, then it is slow slower than Normal printing. It should not be so, but either we feel it or it really happens, let’s see how it is handled with such a problem.

Whenever our network printer starts slow printing, then some of our networking mistakes are behind it. To correct this, we have to improve our networking techniques, let’s see what else can we do in this case?

If you are using a print server for printing, then you have to check that your print server has good hardware configuration. The amount of fireball security you will use with your print server will be as slow as your printing.

Now we believe that you are using your network painter without any print server. First of all, check your internet speed. If your internet speed is good then check the property of your document that you want to print. Is this document a very heavy file? If yes then it will take some time to print it. But if it is a simple file then check whether there are more images in it. If so, then the image takes a little more time than the document.

Paper jam in the printer

This printer problem is the most common printer problem. Paper jam in the printer is completely hardware problem, for this problem only your printer is responsible.

10 Common Problems with Printer 4

First of all, open your printer head and remove all stuck paper from the printer. Now clean your printer roller and head. Now remove all printer paper sheets from the tray and arrange all in a good manner.

After these steps, your paper stuck in printer problem is completely gone.

If after this you still have to fall in the printout paper then you should definitely take your printer to the service center once.

Print out stuck in the printer queue

10 Common Problems with Printer 5

Print out stuck in printer queue is also a very common printer problem. This problem is completely deferent from the above problem (Print out stuck in the printer). This is completely system or we can say software problem. For solve this please follow the following steps: –

1)    Go to the windows search menu

2)    Type “Control panel”

3)    Now click on “Devices and Printers” option

4)    Double click on your printer

5)    Now you are in print queue

6)    Select all documents in the queue

7)    Now click on first option “printer”

8)    Select option “Cancel all print document”

9)    Now your queue is completely empty

Printer Always Print One Blank Sheet

This is a very common printer problem. Whenever we take a printout, a blank page comes with our printout and it happens every time. By doing this our paper is not damaged because it is a balance sheet that we can use again, but there is definitely a loss of time. For solve this follow these steps:

Print directly to the printer.

1)    Go to the windows search menu

2)    Type “Control panel”

3)    Now click on “Devices and Printers” option

4)    Now click on your printer

5)    Now right click and select properties option

6)    Now select advanced tab

7)    Now select option print directly to the printer

8)    Now click on Apply

9)    Now click on OK

10 Common Problems with Printer 6

Now Check, an extra page should no longer print from the printer.

The scan is not working with my printer

Most of the time, we can face this printer problem. This is also a very common printer problem. When our printer is running very well and we need to do some document scans along with the printout, we find that our printer is printing out the papers well but the scanner is not properly working.

The best way to know that your scanner is working or not. First of all, take one-page photocopy from scanner glass. If printer copies the document successfully than you have to check your printer driver. If required please reinstall your printer software.

10 Common Problems with Printer 7

If you can not find photocopy from printer than most probably this is a hardware issue. You need to check your printer from the printer service center.

Printout takes a too long time

This is the most common problem with the printer. Most of the time when we use the printer for print out then we feel that our print out is coming very late. For solve this printer common problem follows the following steps:

Try to reset your printer

Use these following steps to reset your printer for speed up the printing documents:

1)    First of all, start your printer

2)    Wait until your printer is not completely powered on

3)    Remove printer USB cable from computer or printer.

4)    Now install printer latest driver

5)    Now connect the printer USB cable to the computer

6)    Check printer driver from Device manager

7)    Update your printer driver

8)    Now your printer reset and reinstalled completely