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Every once in a while your network printer will say that it is offline. The reason for this is when the machine “requires maintenance” according to its internal counter(similar to our cars popping on the Check Engine light), the machine sends out a status to whichever computers are connected to it via SNMP. There are a couple of different solutions to this issue.

  1. You can disable the SNMP in the print driver. This is the recommended course of action because it takes less than 1 minute and requires no technical skill. This method is ideal when one computer is having the “offline” error.
  2. You can disable the SNMP of the entire printer itself. This would require going into the printer’s web interface and accessing the printer port settings to disable SNMP. This method is ideal when several users are having the “offline” issue.

We will address each of these options here.

Option 1: Disable the SNMP for the printer’s TCP/IP port. If this SNMP is disabled, the “Offline” status will change to “Ready” status and you’ll be able to continue your printing activity.

  1. Open your Windows control panel
  2. Open the Printers(sometimes called Devices and Printers) menu
  3. Right click on the network printer, then click Printer Properties
  4. Switch to the Ports tab at the top(if you do not see the ports tab you clicked “Properties” instead of “Printer Properties”
  5. Click “Configure Port”
  6. Uncheck “SNMP Status Enabled” at the bottom of this window
  7. Click OK – The network printer should read “Ready” instead of “Offline”

Option 2: Disable the SNMP in the printer’s interface. This can be done from in front of the panel for small network desktop printers, or through the embedded web interface on larger multi-function printer/copiers. Consult your printer’ manual for instructions on how to disable SNMP, or contact your servicing vendor for your copier. Alternatively, if you have a Sharp copier you can follow the instructions below to disable the SNMP through the web GUI.

  1. Obtain the network information for the printer. This can normally be achieved by printing a configuration page.
  2. Type the IP address into your preferred web browsers address bar.
  3. Click Network Settings on the left menu.
  4. Login as administrator. The default password is admin
  5. Under Network Settings on the left menu, choose Services Settings
  6. Move to the SNMP tab at the top of the page
  7. Switch the “Enabled” drop down to “Disabled”
  8. Click Submit

We hope this how to article finds you before you go insane from this error!

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