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Are you getting popups on your computer, here is how you can rid of popups.

“why I am getting popups on my computer?”

Popups usually come in computer because you have adwares, or malware in computer. Adware are the programs which are made to send ads on user computer and offer no real value to user in exchange. You can remove adware by going to program and features and removing the program.

However malware on the other end, are malicious programs or scripts running in background of computer, malware often not only trigger popus however they will hijack your browser using technique called “browser hijacking”. Malware may also steal information such as your account password, your activity details from your computer.

How can I get rid of malware?

To get rid of malware follow these steps:

  • Download an anti-malware in your computer, like malwarebytes, or superantispyware.
  • Scan your computer with anti malware
  • Delete the found results.

After you have removed the malware from your computer, you would still be getting popups and there would be chances of getting them back from cookies in your internet browser. Now you should clear cookies and website data from your browsers.

How can I clean cookies to get rid of popups?

To clean cookies in browser follow these steps:

  • Open internet browser
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+delete
  • This will open a window asking you what information you want to clean
  • Select the appropriate options, (I would clear everything so i would check them all.)
  • Now click on clear data button.


Although pop-ups are like bad nightmare a computer can have, however popups are not difficult to get rid off. You can follow the guide above and if you have questions you can comment and ask.