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5 reasons why you are not able to activate McAfee

Common reasons why you get Activation error while activating McAfee

  1. Trying to activate incorrect McAfee Version
  2. McAfee activation servers blocked by firewall
  3. Computer not connected to internet
  4. Visiting wrong website to activate mcafee
  5. Conflicting programs stopping activation

McAfee offer several versions of security products in market. when we purchase McAfee from website or store we think we are buying McAfee security however it is not the case always. Here is what you can do if you are not able to activate McAfee.

Trying to activate incorrect McAfee Version

This is one of the most common reason why you are not able to activate McAfee security in your computer. McAfee is offered in several versions however we as a user thinks that all of them are same and we can enter license key and activate the software.

Versions of McAfee

  • McAfee Lifesafe
  • McAfee All Access
  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee Internet Security
  • McAfee Antivirus

License you have purchased for McAfee lifesafe will not work on McAfee total Protection, what you have to do is uninstall mcafee lifesafe and install McAfee Total Protection to use that key.

Here is how to uninstall McAfee

  • Right click on Start button in your computer
  • Click on programs and features
  • Look for McAfee in list of programs
  • Double click on McAfee and follow the instruction on screen.

Once you have uninstalled older version of McAfee you can download McAfee by going to Mcafee.com/activate

Here are instructions to install and activate McAfee

  • Open new browser Window
  • In the address bar type https://mcafee.com/activate
  • Enter your license key that you got at the time of purchase
  • This will download the correct version of McAfee in your computer
  • Double click on downloaded file and run it. and you are all set with fully activated McAfee in your computer.

McAfee activation servers blocked by firewall

Error you would receive is – Cannot connect to Mcafee

This is one of the situation when you are trying to activate McAfee being behind a network firewall. Network firewalls are meant to block traffic to protect internet usage. If you trying to activate McAfee while in office on your personal laptop you can try activating it when you are home with no network firewall. you can also try to ask network admin to allow your connection to McAfee servers in office.

If you are already in your home network and still not able to activate McAfee you probably have to configure your router to activate McAfee.

If you are not tech Savvy and want assistance you can call Wingsoft for assistance.

Computer not connected to internet

if your computer is not connected to inter you would not be able to activate McAfee, you can check if your computer is connected to internet by visiting any website. If website loads fine then your computer is connected to internet, however McAfee activation server is not getting connected. You can follow the steps above to try to fix McAfee activation problem.

Visiting wrong website to activate McAfee

We have been approached with several users trying to activate McAfee and visiting wrong website. This can happen if your computer is infected or browser hijacker is present. we recommend you to make sure your computer is completely clean from viruses before installing McAfee. You can run a quick scan with Windows defender, try to use private Window or different browser to activate McAfee.

Again url to activate McAfee is https://mcafee.com/activate

Conflicting programs stopping activation

This may be a situation where you already have some other antivirus installed in your computer that is preventing you to install and activate McAfee. Best way is to check of any other antivirus program installed in your computer and uninstall it. Restart your computer and then try to install McAfee again.


Although McAfee activation can be done by visiting mcafee.com/activate, however we sometimes tend to face difficulty activating and installing McAfee. we can follow the steps above to activate McAfee security in our computer.

If you cannot figure out whats wrong and what is stopping you to install McAfee in your computer you can approach Wingsoft, by calling their computer repair number 1877 274 5865 for assistance. Their technicians are very friendly and you get 30 mins free consultation.