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Whatsapp faced service interruption and was down for about 30 mins. people posted alot of tweets to hear from whatsapp,

In todays world whatsapp serves as an important mode of communication. Whatsapp suffering service disruption led to many people being frustrated and angry.

Someone tweeted that whatsapp went down in middle of argument to lay off their frustration.

 Whatsapp is most used communication app in the world. and it’s being down means blackout for most of the people around the world when we want to stay in touch.

Note Whatsapp is up now!

If your whatsapp is still not working you can follow these steps to bring it back up

  1. Try to close whatsapp
  2. turn off and turn on data in your mobile phone
  3. Try to reboot your mobile device
  4. if nothing above works, ununstall and reinstall whatsapp