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Here are 5 ways to fix Windows update error.

  1. Low disk space
  2. Windows update is blocked by firewall
  3. Virus or malware preventing Windows update
  4. Update files downloaded are corrupt
  5. Windows update folder issues.

Windows update is very important for every Windows computer user. Windows update help remove vulnerabilities, provide additional features in operating system and apply patches to increase stability of your computer.

Windows update is not getting downloaded due to low disk space.

In order to install Windows update in your computer you should have enough disk space available to download them. Many times we do not have enough hard drive space to download windows update because we have used all of the hard drive to safe our data. In order to download Windows update you should make some disk space.

Here is how you can make hard disk space to fix Windows Update without deleting your personal files.

  1. In cortana search type cleanmgr.
  2. Once clean manager is open click on clean system files.
  3. Check all the boxes in the section on top of this window. (Be sure to check delete old windows files and update cache)
  4. Click on okay and this should take a while however will make some space for you to download Windows update.

Windows update blocked by Firewall.

If you are using work or school network there may be a chance that network firewall is blocking download of windows update. This will not let you download Windows update at all. You would get error message stating cannot connect to Windows update server cannot download Windows update. You should contact network administrator to allow windows update through network or you can try downloading Windows update using home network.

Virus or Malware infection preventing Windows update to install.

This is one of the most common reason for Windows update to fail. What virus infection do is replace important windows system files to execute in background. Virus also prevents Windows update to install so that their changed files are not replenished or repaired.

To get rid of virus or malware infection in your computer you should scan your computer with good antivirus software. If you do not have commercially available software you can use Microsoft’s built in tool called malicious software removal tool.

Here is how you can run malicious software removal tool

  1. In cortana search type MRT
  2. Click on malicious software removal tool
  3. Just click scan

Once the scan is complete you will see list of virus infections detected in your computer, click on remove and all will be deleted from your computer.

After removing viruses try to update Windows again and it should get installed.

Windows update files are currupt

Yes this may happen and is not new. If you are downloading windows update on an unstable internet connection you may download files which are damaged. This is quite common if you are downloading windows updates on public wifi or hotspot. What you have to do is to perform disk cleanup as explained above and then restart your computer and this should fix the windows update problem.

Windows update download folder issue

After using computer for a while we come across situations where folder permission is changed or removed and computer no longer have permission to access windows update folder.

Here is what you can do to fix Windows update download folder.

  1. Press windows key and letter R togeather
  2. Type %systemroot%
  3. Find folder named system distribution (this is where windows saves downloaded updates)
  4. Right click on it and click rename
  5. Rename it to software distribution. Bak
  6. Restart your computer and it should create a new software distribution folder to store downloaded windows update files.
  7. Try to update Windows and your windows update should be fixed.


Although Microsoft offers windows update automatically however there are several reasons why they don’t get installed. We must always manually check that windows update are getting installed and keep our computer up to date.

If your windows update are still not getting installed after trying above mentioned steps you should contact tech support to help. Wingsoft provides best in class tech support services to help you fix computer problems. You can always call their computer repair number 1877 274 5864 toll free available 24/7. You get free 30 min consultation with expert certified technician.