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Instant Computer Repair and Tech Support

Wingsoft LLC offers Instant Computer Repair and Tech support services to help you with problems with your digital devices. We support all digital devices like, Laptops, desktops. router, firewalls, Smart phones and Tablets.


We provide Computer Repair and Tech support Services!

Technology has been a part of our lives for a long time now, we just cannot live without our gadgets, computers etc. We usually find ourselves in situations where we get problems with tech gadgets, and need Tech SupportWe at Wingsoft help you with tech help for your Tech gadgets, like computers, laptops, and smartphones. We already know that it is difficult to reach different companies and pay for separate subscriptions and spend hundreds of dollars a month to maintain a device, We just help you reduce your tech help expenses by one third. Now with Wingsoft LLC, you get Computer repair and Tech Support for all your digital devices with single subscription. Call us now and speak with our friendly analyst in Tech Support team for details. 

Computer Repair


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Instant Computer Repair

Our computer repair services are instant, you don’t have to wait in queue to get your computer repaired, just call us and we will repair it online.  

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Available 24/7

Our Computer Repair is available 24/7. We work from multiple locations in world to cover all time zones hence making true 24/7 tech Support Available.

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Zero Wait Time

We guarantee wait time of less than a minute when you call Computer Repair. We make sure we always have Computer Repair Specialists available.

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Centralized Tech Help

Centralized Tech Support means you get Tech help and support for all your gadgets by one company. We support all!

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Smart Home Essentials

Wingsoft LLC present Smart Home Essentials, with this Computer Repair subscription you don’t have to subscribe to different tech support services, single tech support subscription covers all.

Weather it is Windows computer, or Mac, Android smartphone or tablet or IOS device, we will provide Repair services for all under single subscription.


Get Everything You Need With Just One Subscription

When it comes to Tech support and computer repair we usually subscribe for multiple Tech support and repair service unique to each device, and usually spend around $15-20 for each device each month, and we usually have at least 3 subscriptions like that leading to a spend of $45-60 each month. Wingsoft provide you a way to reduce your spend by one third, now get Smart Home Essentials in just 14.99 USD per month.

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I had problem with my computer, my new computer was working slow, I contacted wingsoft technician and they fixed it in 45 mins, I highly recommend wingsoft

Adeline West

Huston Texas

I surely have to say, Wingsoft Technicians are great. They are highly cooperative and friendly. They helped me fix computer problems in jiffy.

Richard Wilson Sr

Denver Colorado

My computer got virus and I was getting all sort of nasty pictures. I found Wingsoft Tech online and they removed all viruses, my computer is running great since then. 

Rachel Graham

Jacksonville Florida

I have been using Wingsoft for 3 years now. I was using Geek Squad before and found Wingsoft tech far better than them. I love Wingsoft and will continue using them for my life. 

Ada Leonard

Monarch Inc

I wanted some help setting up my printer and Wingsoft tech took about 20 mins and did it all for me, I am highly satisfied with the services. 

Theresa Reeves

Richmond, Virginia

I am highly happy with the services of wingsoft. I I really liked them helping them making them make my computer clean and secure. I got 3 years of service with them and will definately renew. 

Adeline West

Divi Corner

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Responsive Tech support


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Covers all Devices


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World Class Support


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Tech support for how to issues


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Updates & Fixes


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Online Repairs


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Robust Tech support Team


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Available 24/7


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