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On Wednesday at 1pm Xbox consoles went down pertaining to an issue with Xbox live service not working.

The problem was identified by Microsoft and they tweated that they are aware of the issue and they are trying to fix Xbol live issue.

Xbox connected to internet displayed black screen and users though that their Xbox console has some hardware problem. however when Microsoft tweeted that it is software issue, it came as sigh of relief for its users,

Xbox Live error was fixed by Microsoft at 3 pm on Wednesday. Live Status of Xbox Live is it is operating normal.

After issue was first seen Xbox users started tweeting and searching online to find a fix, Google trends reported that there was a massive surge in search about xbox.

People started searching for help for their Xbox one console and xbox live problem and there was massive surge in searches on google

According to google trends users searched

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Finally Xbox Live problem is resolved and all Xbox services are working fine